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  • Mara’s Gone Again Blog

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    We are happy to feature our friend Mara on her bicycle adventure which started in Bandon, Oregon. She had an amazing experience with Kenny and their dog Walter.

    Check out the adventure with Mara, Kenny and Walter. See their photos and read about their FUN journey!






    Do you have an adventure you want to share with us? Contact us and we may feature you!

  • Finding Glass Floats in Lincoln City

    Finding Glass Floats in Lincoln City

    Finding Glass Floats in Gold BeachOne can find all kinds of treasures on Oregon Coast beaches: agates, shells, fossils, and rarely, glass fishing floats. Lincoln City makes it a little easier to find these rare, glass treasures during Treasure Hunting Season. Throughout the winter, round 3,000 total handcrafted glass floats and other locally crafted items are distributed for our visitors’ enjoyment

  • Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast
    Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast
    by Nancy Passey

    Agate Hunting on the Oregon Coast I started hunting agates years ago one Sunday morning out on the south jetty in Bandon, Oregon.  We were just getting ready to head out of town, but wanted to take one last walk on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day with a low tide and I met a very nice school teacher that was searching for something along the waters edge.  She told me all about agates, in fact she gave me one.  From that moment on I was hooked and have been searching and collecting agates since.

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