Eureka Sequoia Park Zoo

Sequoia Park Zoo
Sequoia Park Zoo

3414 W Street
Eureka, CA 95503

Established in 1907, Sequoia Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in California and one of the smallest accredited zoos in the country. Featured exhibits include a “Walk-Through Aviary” with a variety of bird species in free-flight, “The Barnyard” with contact corral, and “Secrets of the Forest” showcasing native reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. See Spider monkeys swinging around and admire our endangered Cotton-topped tamarins. Marvel at our Chacoan peccaries’ wiggly snouts and learn more about the exotic Patagonian cavy- the world’s second largest rodent. Listen for the distinctive call of our White-handed gibbons or discover if our American black bear is taking a dip in her pond. The Sequoia Park Zoo is full of unique and exciting species. Come visit Sumo and Shifu, our new Red panda brothers, and watch them settle into their new home. Red pandas are an endangered species and a relative rarity in zoos.