Waldport, Ride a Free

Ride a Free
Ride a Free

125 NW Spruce Street
Waldport, OR 97394

Created as way to promote community good health and recreation, the Green Bike program provides bicycles for anyone to ride, any time, to any destination — no questions asked. The premise is simple: Find one of their bright lime green bikes and use it for fun and transportation. When done, leave the bike in an accessible spot for the next rider. Adult and youth volunteers work together to restore and maintain over 100 community bicycles. The Green Bike shop, is located in downtown Waldport at Hwy 101 and Arrow Street (next to Espresso 101). The program is led by adult volunteers who serve as role models emphasizing recreation, health and education. Volunteers with bicycle experience are encouraged to help others learn repair and maintenance skills. The program provides tangible job skills that offer a sense of pride and accomplishment. In addition, adult volunteers directly engage local youth to support a popular community program.